©Ovid’s Metamorphoses – The Broken Telephone Game

Ovid's Metamorphoses – a classic of world literature. Ovid's world is both a quest for an origin and a history of the world as a continuous metamorphosis - but that’s not all there is to it: it is a world of metamorphoses through violence. Change is equated with male aggression and dominance. This very myth underlies our (Western) culture, has influenced our thinking, our imagination for thousands of years - nothing that is not permeated, inspired, infected by the myths: myths of violence correspond to the violence of the myth. Must this go on forever? Is the myth a virus that has infected us incurably? Or, is it possible that COVID is the counter-event to OVID, the pharmakon that immunizes us by infecting us in turn, promising an interruption of eternal recurrence? It is possible, but maybe only in a game. In "real life", λόγος (logos) speaks even through our playfulness, we think stately even when we play, we as musicians, as ‘commanders,’ choose our instrume

List of Participants

  TEXT Christoph Collenberg GERMANY Christine Wunnike GERMANY Anna Tsing-Lowenhaupt USA Allen C. Shelton USA Stefano Oliva ITALY Hans-Jörg Rheinberger GERMANY Ally Bishop AUSTRALIA/GERMANY Jane Bennett USA Bernd Herzogenrath GERMANY Sheree Thomas USA Rosi Braidotti NETHERLANDS Michael Marder ENGLAND Andreas Stroehl USA Tom McCarthy ENGLAND/GERMANY Reinaldo Laddaga ARGENTINA Hanjo Berressem GERMANY Eugenie Brinkema USA Christina Kubisch GERMANY David Valéz CHILE/ENGLAND Bernd Herzogenrath GERMANY Lin Chi Wei TAIWAN Jörg Piringer AUSTRIA Gustavo Valdivia PERU Budhaditya Chattopadhyay INDIA Angus Carlyle ENGLAND Cathy Lane ENGLAND Eva Weingärtner GERMANY Viv Corringham USA Annea Lockwood USA/NEUSEALAND Tobias Schmitt GERMANY Christopher DeLaurenti USA Brandon Labelle USA/GERMANY Sarah Kazmi PAKISTAN/NORWAY   IMAGE Zuzana Lazarova CZECH REPUBLIC Marketa Kinterova CZECH REPUBLIC Eva Jeske GERMANY Graeme Gilloch/Mi